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Image Resolution

Image resolution values range from 0 to 300 dpi, with 300 being the best. For ease of use, we break image resolution into 3 groups:
  • 300:  This is ideal DPI for print. Should print perfectly
  • 250-299: If 300 is perfect, this range is good. Should still be high quality print. 
  • 200-249: Not everyone has access to professional photos. This range is pretty average quality.
  • 100-199:  May print a little bit pixelated, but often times is OK for basic needs..
  • 0-99:  Consider using a new image if possible. Will likely print pixelated.

What to do if your score is low?
Expand the crop rectangle by clicking and dragging on a corner to reveal more of the image. If that doesn't increase your DPI score, you may need to upload a new photo. 

Notice: When editing your project, high resolution images may seem to be slightly pixelated. This is because we scale images down slightly when editing for performance reasons.
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