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Add Custom CMYK Colors (Brand Colors)


We have a lot of colors for you to choose from, but we also understand the importance of being able to add your own custom colors. That's why we added our CMYK color picker. 

We use a CMYK color picker, because we care about the quality of your print. HEX & RGB colors may be more common practice online, but CMYK colors are what you should be working with when you consider print. 

Follow the steps below to add a custom CMYK color.  This is just like creating a custom theme only you're using your own CMYK colors.

Notice: You can access the CMYK color picker by editing the outline, border, background, color and shadow of a frame in your project (Example... Background).

1. Click on a frame in your project.

2. Click change background color.


3. Select 1 of the 5 theme colors.

4. Click edit color.


5. Click on the plus icon on the top right hand corner.


6. Enter your CMYK color values.

7. Click on the save to my colors button.


Your custom CMYK colors are stored under the user icon (shown below).

Important: You're not changing the color of a specific shape, you're changing the color in the theme and that color may be connected to multiple shapes, text & icons so as you'll see below... even when we're only interacting with the circle, multiple shapes & text turn red. 



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