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Adding & Removing Text Shadow


Follow the steps below to add or remove text shadow.

1. Click on the text frame you'd like to add or remove text shadow to. 

Notice: Shadow is added to all of the text characters in the selected text box and is not able to be added to individual characters within that frame.

2. Click on the shadow icon

3. Click on the add shadow color button


4. Select the desired color

5. Use the 3 controls to get the look you want.

  • Distance - This increases or decreases the distance of the drop shadow from the selected frame.
  • Blur - This increases or decreases how sharp the shadow appears (you can mess with this to create some cool gradient looks as well)
  • Angle - Click & drag around the circle to set the side of the frame you want to shadow to appear. 


To remove, simply click on the remove link shown below


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