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Changing Alignment & Adding Bullets


Follow the steps below to adjust alignment & add bullets


1. Click on the text frame you'd like to adjust the alignment of and select the font icon in the left panel.

Notice: Alignment can be set on the individual paragraphs in a single text frame. This means in a single text frame you could center the title, then below that, you could hit enter and left align the paragraph. All you need to do is highlight the desired text and make sure there is a space below it. 

2. Select the desired alignment

  • Left Align
  • Center
  • Right Align
  • Justified





Bullets can be accessed by following steps 1-2 above and then continuing through the steps below.

1. Click on the text frame you'd like to add bullets to

Notice: Similar to alignment, bullets can be set on the individual paragraphs in a text frame. This means you can have text with bullets and text without as long as you have a space between them. To create the space simply hit enter.


2. The indent and outdent controls will appear after you click the bullet icon. These controls will allow you to in some cases remove the bullet or send it further right or further left. text-indent.jpg

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