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Inserting & Replacing Images


Follow the steps below to insert & replace images

Watch the animation below 

 Inserting A New Image Frame

1. Click on insert button located on the left side of the editor.

2. Select what method you're going to use to insert your image (i.e. Upload, Stock, Purchased, or Recent). For this example, we chose stock.

3. Click on the stock icon.

4. Search & select an image you like.

Replacing An Image

1. Click on an image in your project that you'd like to replace.

2. Make sure the image icon button is selected

3. Click on the change image box in the left panel.

From there you can navigate through the image categories to find the image you'd like to replace your selected image with.

If you want to change the shape of your image from a rectangle to something else, like a circle, then check out this article - Changing the shape of an image



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