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Creating Your Own Theme


Follow these steps to quickly produce your own theme. 

1. Click on a shape in your project.

2. Click change background color.


3. Select one of your 5 theme colors.

4. Click edit color.


5. Select a color category shown below.

Notice: Learn how to create a custom theme using your own CMYK color values.

6. Pick a color swatch from the category you'd like to switch it to.

Notice: You may notice your project updates in real time with the new color applied, if it's not updating, it's likely due to that color slot not being active in your project. 


7. Once you have selected the color you want, you can then hit the back arrow on the left side.


8. If you want to change more colors simply repeat steps 3 - 7 above and when you're done hit save. 


9. The last thing to do is give it a unique name and you're finished. Nice work!


Whenever you need to use your custom color theme again, you can find it in the themes panel. Just look for the my themes icon (shown below).



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