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What is a color theme?

A color theme is a collection of 5 colors that can quickly be applied to any project, allowing you to save time & money creating designs.

The furthest left color in the theme is the primary color and the other 4 are complimentary colors.

The primary color is always present, however, any number of the complimentary colors may or may not be present. In addition to the 5 theme colors you may also see black and white. These colors are primarily used for fonts, but they may also be present in other areas of our templates.

You can Change the theme or edit selected colors to build your custom theme. We even allow you to add your own custom CMYK colors (branding). 

What are the advantages in using color themes?

Color themes have many advantages that may not be understood right away.

1. They can seriously speed up the design process.

For example: Rather than having to click on 20 different shapes to change them from red to blue you can simply change the color red to blue and the 20 shapes will change automatically. 

2. They're great for brand control. Create your own theme by adding your brand colors to the 5 color slots, save it and use it over and over again on any number of projects. 

3. Sometimes you just need to see things in the right light. Color themes can provide you with a quick way to preview your project in multiple colors without having to make major changes to your design. 

In Conclusion...

We wouldn't go through the trouble of developing the color theme concept if we didn't truly believe in its advantages. There are more advantages than the 3 we listed above and we're sure you'll find them along the way.


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