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Bring to front or Send to back


Images, shapes, text and a few other frames can be sent behind or brought in front of other frames to give a layering effect. 

Once you have a frame selected, you can click on the up or down arrow in the top toolbar (look for the green arrow in the image below).  

If you don't see the arrows in the toolbar that means the frame you have selected is not able to be moved. We have this restriction to keep the core layout intact. 

Possible uses:

  • Put text on top of an image
  • Put images behind other images to create a layered effect
  • Put text on top of a shape
  • Create unique patterns by stacking different shapes to reveal or hide parts
  • Much more

*It may take several clicks to get the desired results, so just remember that the up or down arrows are considering every frame on the document and not just the frame in front or behind the selected frame.

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